Water Testing & Waterproofing Services

Prior to performing a residential or commercial waterproofing service, water testing is generally required to ensure all leaks are detected and fixed prior to beginning the waterproofing. The structural integrity of a property relies heavily on finding leaks early enough before they wreak havoc.

How to Start Water Testing

Step 1:

Call your local water testing and leak detection professionals (us!)

Step 2:

Our crew will explain the water testing process

Step 3:

You’ll be presented with a proposal prior to the start of service

Step 4:

We will isolate and determine the source of water leaks and come up with an
itemized list of each issue and the proposed scope of work

Step 5:

Our team will get to work on fixing the leaks and prepare for waterproofing

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Why Use Standing Lites for Your Water Testing?

How is Water Testing Performed?

Step 1:

A contractor will inspect the proposed job site to determine the source of the water intrusion.

Step 2:

Several technicians will be sent to the job site with the proper equipment and radios to ensure effective
communication around the site.

Step 3:

Different areas, beginning at the lowest point, will be isolated to pinpoint the entry location.

Step 4:

Areas that will be tested will be determined depending on the location of the leak.

Step 5:

After the leak is found, the contractor will discuss repair options with the owner as well as waterproofing solutions that may be available.

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The Benefits of
Waterproofing Services

Waterproofing is valuable in both residential and commercial applications. While some companies simply utilize a “patch it up and hope for the best” approach, we feel proper repair goes beyond a simple quick fix. Quality waterproofing ensures water leak issues won’t come back to haunt you down the road, and ultimately will save you a lot of money.

Tufflex Applications



With our experienced team of experts, we can install Tufflex to your home or business quickly and efficiently.

Tufflex can be used to waterproof or re-coat existing, failing, or leaking deck coatings or failing concrete or tile deck systems. Standing Lites has re-coated thousands of decks in the Southeast Texas area in order to solve leaking and aesthetic deck problems, and it works! Call our office today for your free estimate on Tufflex Waterproofing System.


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