Shingle Roofing

Because asphalt shingles are affordable, easy to install, and are available in various colors, they are the most widely used roofing material in residential applications. Shingles make up the roof’s top layer that protects the concealed underlayment, and ultimately the structure of your home.

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Types of Asphalt Shingles

Our shingle roofing crews have installed hundreds of tile roofs over the years and can help you understand which type of tile will be best suited for your home.


Why is it called a 3-tab shingle? These shingles are designed specifically to produce a piece that has the appearance of three separate shingles. They are generally the most affordable asphalt shingle and look fantastic despite being less expensive.


Architectural shingles (also known as laminate shingles) are not only thicker but more durable than 3-tab. But with that comes a higher price tag. These shingles also have more of an aesthetically pleasing and multi-dimensional appearance. They tend to perform better long term and have a longer lifespan than 3-tab.

Facts About Shingles


Shingles are a lightweight material

Some houses may not be able to support the weight of tile or metal roofs. Shingles are a great option for virtually any home.

Shingles come in a variety of colors and textures

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a style for your roof. Shingles come in many colors and textures, giving you a lot of flexibility in how you want your new roof to look.

Shingles can be repaired and replaced easily

Our professionals know the full particulars when it comes to repairing and installing shingles. During your next routine inspection, we can analyze the health of your roof and determine if any shingles need attention.

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Choosing a reputable roofing contractor

When determining which company to hire, consider the following things to check for:

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