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Planning Your Home Remodeling Project

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Planning Your Home Remodeling Project 2

Remodeling Project Decisions

Home remodeling increases property value and provides outdated living spaces with a welcome update. Before starting your remodel, you’ll want to consider your goals, style, and budget, as well as whether or not to hire a professional. We want to make those decisions easier as we go through some key points of home remodeling. 

Remodeling Is A Rewarding Project

Are you updating a fixer-upper to become the space of your dreams? Or maybe the time has come to sell your home, and you want to make it more appealing to buyers? Knowing why you’re renovating will help guide some of your decisions.

Renovating your fixer-upper is an investment in your future. Each project will transform your home into your dream space and increase its value. If this is your “forever home,” you will have the luxury of customizing it to the masterpiece you have always dreamed of living in. You will have a place that feels like home—a rewarding feeling.

If you’re remodeling with the intention to sell, you can still create your dream space—just be sure to make a choice that will also appeal to future buyers. Whether you’re tackling a big project all at once or updating small things along the way, it is often worthwhile to keep modern trends in mind; that way, when you go to sell, your home will feel fresh and up-to-date.

Setting A Budget For Your Project

The two most common home remodels are bathrooms and kitchens—and both can be remodeled on a small or large budget. Painting old cabinets provides a facelift to either room without the big demo. Add new cabinet handles, wall paint, maybe a backsplash, and voila! You’ve completely changed the space! Cosmetic changes may not add much financial value to your home, but they will still appear to potential buyers. 

A bigger budget allows you to transform the space. One of the most common changes needed in older kitchens is appliance location, since these kitchens tend to be laid out less efficiently. Functional placement and updated appliances appeal to everyone who loves spending time in the kitchen. In addition to moving appliances, a bigger budget may allow you to update cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes. You may also have the option to move walls, create breakfast bars or add islands. 

Similarly, a bigger budget for a bathroom remodel may allow for a more functional space. Older homes often have smaller bathrooms with little storage; some also have a tub or tile in outdated colors. Bathroom remodeling allows you the opportunity to add a more muted color palette and build in storage to accommodate linen storage. If you prefer color, consider adding decorations in your favorite hues; when you go to sell your home, potential buyers will appreciate a neutral backdrop they can adapt to their own taste.

Prepare For Your Remodel

Most remodeling projects start with removing as much as you can from the space. For bedrooms, offices, or living spaces, this may be reasonably straightforward. Kitchens and bathrooms can become more complicated. 

Most residential homes do not provide two kitchens. Some houses only host one bathroom. These remodels often take a bit more planning. Reaching out to friends and family to arrange places to bathe or shower will help the process go smoothly. During a kitchen remodel, if you plan to keep your refrigerator running, you can cook homemade meals ahead of time and freeze them to reheat later.

These bigger projects are less stressful when you hire a contractor. Hiring a contractor will get the job done more quickly compared to doing it yourself. A team of construction workers with experience and all the right tools will tackle your project, completing it in a professional and timely manner, getting you back to your routine as quickly as possible. 

Home Remodeling with Standing Lites

For your next trusted partner in home remodeling in southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana, contact Standing Lites Inc. With over 20 years of general contracting experience, we will work with you to plan your remodel based on your budget and goals. We oversee the project from start to finish and guarantee your satisfaction. For your free quote, contact us today!


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