Metal Roofing

If you think metal roofs are only a good fit for industrial and commercial buildings, guess again!. According to information put out by the Metal Roofing Alliance, 750,000 homes across the United States had metal roofs installed in 2015. That number has since continued to rise, showing growing popularity for a once limited material.

Because metal has numerous benefits to offer as a roofing material, it should be seriously considered when determining what to choose for a new installation.

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Metal Roof Benefits

Metal Roof Types

Galvanized Steel

This is the most commonly used material in metal roofing due to its availability and low cost. The more zinc that is present in the coating, the more resistant it is to rust. It also has a high affinity for paint, making it versatile in customizing to our clients’ style tastes. Galvanized steel may not be the best option for Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana due to the salt in the air from being in close proximity to the coast.

Galvalume Steel

What makes galvalume steel different from galvanized? Both materials have a carbon and iron base, but the difference here is that the addition of aluminum to the zinc coating makes the metal much more resistant to corrosion. Galvalume steel is most commonly used in standing seam metal roofs.


Known as perhaps one of the more attractive metals, copper carries a pretty hefty price tag. It’s generally not used as the sole material in a full roof, but more frequently as an accent here and there or even sometimes as flashing.


Aluminum is perhaps the most desirable metal roofing material, as it is resistant to corrosion, lightweight, and durable. A huge benefit to aluminum is that it will never rust, and has the longest lifespan of all. It’s a fantastic choice for cities near the coast as you won’t have to worry about corrosion.

Metal Roof Styles

If you’re picturing a corrugated sheet of aluminum on a pitched roof in your mind when you think about metal roofing, those days are luckily no longer! Metal roof shingles can be found in any size, shape, color, and texture imaginable. No matter what architectural style your home follows, we can assure you there is metal roofing that will match your preference.

It’s hard to compare anything out there to the value metal roofing offers. If you’re ready to learn more and want to take advantage of our free estimate, give Standing Lites a call today!


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