Water Leak Detection

According to the EPA , the average American home wastes around 10,000 gallons per year from water leaks, while an astounding 10% of households waste 90 gallons or more per day. Not only is this an unnecessary loss of water, but an avoidable addition to your monthly water bill.

Our water leak detection services can help identify the source of the leakage through professional testing and fix the problem, immediately helping you save money.

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Typical Culprits of Leaking Water

Did you know that just a pinhead-sized hole in a pipe can waste 360,000 gallons of water in a year? It’s important to find the source of leaks to prevent more serious problems from developing when a leak goes unchecked.

Common leaks found around the house:
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Reasons to Hire Water
Leak Detection Services

With over two decades spent providing water-related services like mold-remediationwaterproofing, and water leak detection, our experienced crews stay up to date on the most effective and innovative detection methods, ensuring we find even the smallest leak.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we’ll determine where the leak is coming from and investigate any possible damage the water may have caused.

Issues caused by water leaks:

Leak Detection Process

Step 1:

We will come out to your building to find your leak and identify the best solution to fix it.

Step 2:

We have been a leader in the advancement of all waterproofing technologies and solutions.

Step 3:

In addition to finding your leak, we will provide you with the best waterproofing solutions for
virtually all above grade and subgrade applications.

Step 4:

We will look at every possible area to find any and all kinds of concealed leaks that may be causing
your problem(s).

Step 5:

We use only the highest quality products, such as Polytuff Flexideck and Sur-Flex to protect your
home, deck, and roof from water damage.

What Makes Standing Lites the Right Fit?

With multiple companies out there to choose from, how can you be sure who to choose? We feel it’s a simple choice because our dedication to honest and prompt service is unmatched by other contractors in Texas and Louisiana.

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We treat your home like our own and understand the stress a leak can cause

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Our crew takes adequate time to listen and understand what you’re asking for

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The techs working on the job keep you fully in the loop by explaining every step in the process from start to finish

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We handle more than just leak detection, but aim to resolve any complex problems leaking water may have caused.

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