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Standing Lites has been serving Kansas City as a top-rated construction company and preferred contractor for many years. With experience in both residential and commercial general contracting, we are a top choice for homeowners, business owners, and real estate investors in Kansas

Our Process

STEP 1: Get a Free Consultation

Call and speak with one of the experts at Standing Lites for a consultation phone call.

STEP 2: Schedule Your In-Person/Virtual Assessment

A member of our team will assess the scope of work and prepare an estimate and proposal for you to review.

STEP 3: Lay Out Expected Timeframes

Your project manager will discuss scheduling and general expectations during the project. You’ll be notified of any changes should they arise

STEP 4: Complete the Project

Our crew will properly clean up and allow you to approve the completed job.

STEP 5: Email Survey

We are always trying to improve. Once the job is done, an email survey will be sent to you to complete and allow you the chance to give feedback to us about our work. We appreciate any chance to do better!

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Our Services in Kansas City, MO

Waterproofing, Mold Remediation, and Destructive Testing

When it comes to home damages, water can be one of the biggest and most annoying for owners. It can ruin exterior finishes and seep in and destroy the main structure of the building. This can quickly deteriorate a building and cause extensive, rapid mold growth. For these reasons, waterproofing and testing are vital to a property’s health. Homeowners should never be blindsided or left unaware of the dangers of and solutions to water damage.

Here at Standing Lites, we’ve done lots of water prevention work in Kansas City, diagnosing and treating water-related issues. We employ industrial-grade TUFFLEX POLYMER water proofing systems to avoid damage from liquid deterioration. This technology can protect any and all surfaces and subgrades. Additionally, we offer mold remediation services to further prevent damages to your home. Anything your home needs to stay safe, we can take care of for you.

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Home Remodeling & Renovation

Hiring a contractor can be stressful, but performing a home remodel doesn’t need to be. Skip the interviews, long conversations, negotiation and wait times and let Standing Lites do all the work for you! We’ve done so many kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects that we’ve lost count.

At Standing Lites, we make it a priority to keep our clients involved every step of the way. You will never be left waiting or wondering what is being done in your home. Whether you want a custom walk-in shower or new quartz countertops, our crew will make the process simple and easy, but also fun! You get to enjoy designing your new space, hassle free.

If you’re thinking of the other big headache in contract work, we’ve got you covered there as well. We’re so hands-on, that you don’t even need to worry about dealing with insurance. We work hand in hand with your insurer to take as much stress off your plate as possible. Your Kansas City home will look the way you’ve always dreamed it would, before you know it.

Our remodel & renovation services:

Residential and Commercial Roofing

As seasoned professionals, we’ve taken on various projects with unique characteristics. No matter the size and scope of the work, our crew will get it done. As a top concrete company in Texas, Kansas and Louisiana, we’ve done everything from large-scale commercial construction to simply residential flooring.

Our Roofing Services:

Our professionals will help you choose the best options for your needs and budget. We work with shingles, metal, tile, or whatever you need. With the best materials at our disposal, you can rest assured that you will be provided with a long-lasting and reliable roof.

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Construction Services in Kansas City, MO

At Standing Lites, we are your residential and commercial construction experts. Our team has developed stunning custom homes and major commercial projects all over Kansas City. We handle all aspects of the work, from design to construction management. We provide an all-in-one solution for homeowners and business owners alike.

Our construction & contractor services

General Contractor and Construction Company in Kansas City, Kansas

We have established ourselves as a top contractor in Kansas City, earning a reputation as trustworthy and reliable to our clients. Our top focus is providing the clearest communication and maintaining the highest integrity. Our workmanship is top tier, and when you work with us you’ll immediately understand that we are serious about our work. Contact us today to get a free estimate on any service we provide.


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