Gutter Installation & Seamless Gutters

Gutters are an important part of your roofing system as they move water from rain and storms away from the foundation of your home. Failure to perform this vital task could result in major structural damage to the building, so your gutter system is not something to take lightly.

Types of Gutter Systems


Half-round style gutters are more common on older homes and resemble the shape of a circular tube cut in half. They are highly effective at carrying away water due to their shape but at the same time are more prone to getting clogged. Since they don’t sit flush against the fascia board, brackets are required to keep them in place.

K- Style

Resembling a letter “K” when viewed from a side angle, this type of gutter system is much more common on homes built in recent years. Thanks to its flat backing, the k-style gutter can be easily nailed to the fascia board while sitting flush. They are also much more attractive in that they resemble decorative crown molding on the outside. They are great for rainy climates seen in Texas and Louisiana because of their ability to carry a large amount of water. The downside to these gutters is they are a little more difficult to clean.


Seamless gutters are a specialized, continuous type of gutter that is created on-site using a roll forming machine that is fed with the appropriate material.

The benefits of seamless gutters seem to be endless:

Standing Lites specializes in seamless gutter install, providing exceptional quality first and foremost.

Common Gutter Materials


Vinyl is lightweight, easy to put together, and ultimately the most affordable option.




Though zinc is fairly expensive, it’s durability and is unmatched. Zinc gutters are typically seen on high-end homes.




Galvanized steel is another material used for gutter systems. Despite being galvanized, the steel will still be vulnerable to rust after being exposed to weather conditions after 10 to 15 years.




Copper gutters are often seen on high-end homes and give off a unique and attractive look and feel.




Aluminum is one of the most popular materials for gutter systems used today due to its affordability and all-around value.



Choosing Standing Lites for your gutter system installation or repair in TX and LA

Our vast knowledge combined with 20 years of experience gives us the edge when it comes to installing and repairing gutters (including seamless). Whether you’re building a new home (internal link to residential construction page) or need a replacement system, our team is equipped to handle any project and ensure your roofing system is functioning at its best. Call us today for an estimate!


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