Floor Joints

While concrete is a strong material used in an wide variety of applications from massive foundations to decorative walkways, it has its weaknesses that need to be addressed. Standing Lites understands the special considerations with floor joints and concrete work when it comes to installation and repairs.

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The Purpose of Concrete Joints

Inevitably, concrete will shrink and expand with weather conditions and other factors that our out of your control. When concrete is tied to another structure or even itself there is restraint during movement. Ultimately, this leads to cracking.

The way we allow concrete elements to move independently of one another or of nearby structures is by incorporating joints. These joints prevent internal restraint and keep shrinkage and expansion working properly.

Types of Concrete Joints

There are three types of joints when it comes to concrete slabs:

  1. ) Expansion (Isolation) Joints

  2. ) Construction Joints

  3. ) Contraction Joints

Our contractors understand the appropriate application of each special joint and its purpose to protect the slab.

Floor Joints & Concrete

Cutting Services

As a construction company, we understand how crucial it is for slabs to have the proper joints to maintain its structural integrity. Standing Lites provides top-level concrete services like floor joints and cutting in both residential and commercial applications.

Concrete cutting requires skilled operators familiar with special methods of concrete sawing, drilling, and removal. This process requires a high degree of accuracy and precision with very little room for error, which is why our crews are highly sought after in Texas and Louisiana. We have extensive experience in residential and commercial concrete work and cutting services using industrial-grade tools.

Cutting Methods

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Joint & Concrete Repairs

Over the lifetime of all slabs and joints, some level of deterioration will occur from temperature fluctuations, heavy traffic, chemical exposure, and daily operations.

Because the tensile strength of concrete is somewhat low, cracking often occurs, which is why joints are placed in areas to control the cracking and preserve the structural integrity of the floor.

With industrial and warehouse floors, unfilled joints can pose costly issues and safety hazards to both employees and expensive equipment. Joint damage that is not promptly addressed can cause unnecessary wear and tear on machinery, contaminate the slab and sub-base, and trap debris and bacteria.

Hire Standing Lites for All Your Cutting, Floor Joint and Concrete Repair Needs

Our highly trained experts can handle a variety of concrete needs from cutting to industrial slabs and repairs. It’s ideal to perform repairs at the first sign of chipping, before long-term damage becomes an issue. Our crew takes the time to meticulously go through each preparation step before filling the joint with sealant and smoothing the floor. In the case of a structural rebuild, we handle the labor intensive excavation before rebuilding the joint to “like new” again.

Whatever concrete needs you can think of, our experts are ready to tackle the job. Call us for a free estimate today.


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