Electrical Work

There are a lot of important details to pay attention to when doing complex or even simple electrical work. Beyond screwing in a light bulb, you can avoid the hassle and risk of trying to do electrical work on your own and allow our certified electricians to take the reigns.

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Residential Electrician Services

We have been serving the residents of Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana for 20 years, providing honest and reliable electrical work to improve the look and function of their homes.

Residential Services We Offer.

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Commercial Electrician Services

No matter what kind of commercial electrical work you need, Standing Lites has undertaken numerous commercial and industrial projects, marking us as Southeast Texas’ and Southwest Louisiana’s top commercial electric work company in the region.

Commercial Services We Offer
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Why Get an Energy Audit?

Whether you’re a homeowner or commercial building owner, a comprehensive energy audit is an ideal way to survey your energy consumption and efficiency. The audit will assess things like usage, insulation, HVAC system, lighting, and a long list of other energy points. Our experts will help you determine what factors are zapping unnecessary energy so you can pocket more of your profits. Call our pros today to start saving money on your electric bill!

Why Hire Standing Lites for Your Residential and Commercial Electrical Work?

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If you’re ready to hire a reputable and licensed company to handle your electrical projects, reach out to Standing Lites for a free estimate today.