Destructive Testing

What is Destructive Testing?

Destructive testing is used in a variety of industries, and it serves a crucial purpose in testing materials to determine performance and behavior under different circumstances. It’s used in tech, construction, chemical, industrial, and various other industries.

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Why Destructive
Testing is Performed

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How Destructive Testing
is Used in Construction

What Can Lead to
Improper Drainage?

Standing Lites offers a variety of destructive testing methodologies to evaluate leaks and material performance. With this testing, we can find out the source of the leaks, dry rot, mold, etc. and have it fixed for you as soon as possible. Standing Lites’s destructive testing only helps us to better your home by getting to the source of the problem and prevent it from returning.

5 Reasons to Choose Standing Lites to Perform Your Destructive Testing

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Destructive testing pinpoints where the problem happened and what caused it.

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Destructive testing is not done by most contractors. Standing Lites is one of the few companies that take the time and effort to make sure we locate your issue or problem.

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With 20 years of experience, our personnel can diagnose a problem quickly and efficiently.

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It lets the homeowner see the extent of the damage. Standing Lites gives detailed reports on how it occurred and what your options are to fix it.

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Estimates can be given quickly once we know the extent of the damage.

Give us a call today for a free estimate and our crew of professionals will come out to assess your potential water damage and outline a plan for repairs.