Cabinetry & Woodworking

Standing Lites offers a variety of interior woodworking services, from building beautiful luxury custom cabinets to crafting the closet you’ve always dreamed of — our woodworking experts are ready to get to work.

New Cabinets

Are you ready for an update to your kitchen? We can help you select new cabinets that are both stunning and functional, with an endless selection of styles and colors to fit your preference. Our team will work with you to find something elegant that fits within your budget. If you’re really looking for something unique and sophisticated, we can provide stunning custom cabinetry to completely transform your kitchen and home.

Cabinet Style Guide

We’ve compiled a list of popular cabinet styles to help you visualize your options:


True Tuscan-style cabinets are constructed from quality woods like maple and cherry. They typically are stained rich colors to invoke a natural and cultured feel with a Mediterranean touch. A common choice is off-white with a warm brown glaze. Tuscan cabinets feature ornate raised panels and decorative accents.


Craftsman-style cabinetry is known for its natural look and beautiful heavy hardwoods. The straight lines and simplicity of this style make it a classic favorite. Stains can be used to highlight the rich tones of the wood to create a lasting and charming finish.


Originating from the colonial era, shaker-style cabinets adopt a simplistic yet practical aesthetic that has proved to be quite popular in recent years. Shaker cabinets have clean, straight lines and flat panels that give them an uncomplicated but attractive appearance. You can get them in any number of stains or paint colors to fit your preference.


Sleek and angular styling is characteristic of modern cabinets (also called mid-century modern). Modern cabinets are simple in design and don’t have any raised panels or accents on the cabinet faces. They are generally constructed with materials like veneer, laminates, glass, woods, and composite materials.


Borrowing features from modern design, contemporary refers to styling that is up to date with what is current. It borrows design aspects from modernism and minimalism. By definition, contemporary is constantly evolving. Some may not be able to tell modern and contemporary cabinets apart as they are quite similar in design features.


Country designs focus on practicality, which is why a variety of harder woods that can hold up well to wear and tear are best. Often, homeowners enjoy adding a touch of personality to their cabinets by painting a different color or glazing the cabinets for an antique touch. Country-style kitchens also utilize options like butcher block islands to achieve the perfect farmhouse look.

Don’t see a style you had in mind on this list? Contact our woodworking and cabinet experts today to inquire about what else we offer.

Crown Molding,
Baseboards, and Casing

Not much can instantly change the look of your home for such a low cost. Whether it’s adding crown molding to the top of your existing cabinets or installing new baseboards to give your house a more elegant feel, our team of woodworking professionals can help you select the right style and find something within your budget.

Custom Closets & Pantries

If your closet is lacking in space and functionality, Standing Lites has extensive experience designing one-of-a-kind closets and pantry systems that work for your lifestyle. No matter what size your space is, we can create something unique and functional for everyone.

Why get a custom closet or pantry?

Unless your home was custom built, you likely have a basic closet or pantry that has some simple spaces that just don’t offer a whole lot. It’s typical to find excessive space that’s wasted and unused, and that doesn’t help anyone!

Our design experts with consult with you to determine what is the most practical need for your closet or pantry, crafting a beautiful and organized system that will change the way you use your space!

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Why Hire Standing Lites for Your Custom Woodworking?

If you’re ready to transform the look of your home and enjoy stunning new cabinets and custom woodwork, Standing Lites has been doing work in the industry for over two decades. Our experts have worked on hundreds of projects and have the expertise and skill to create something incredible. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate.


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